Méryn's Story

Images Captured by Painted Light Photography

Tiny Light Méryn is a social butterfly who loves making others laugh. She especially enjoys going on “parade” through the mall in her stroller, blowing kisses to everyone. This cheerful and affectionate four-year-old always greets her friends with a hug.

Within minutes of her birth, Méryn’s parents, Melonie and Jeremy, found out their baby girl had Down syndrome. Then doctors discovered two holes in her heart. The ventricular septal defect closed on its own, but the atrial septal defect is still being monitored to see if a stent will eventually need to be put in. Méryn has had several other medical complications, including chronic sinus infections and pneumonia, but every year, this strong little girl keeps getting better.

Méryn is very bright. While she can’t speak clearly yet, she understands both French and English. She is an expert on her iPad and she cherishes all kinds of books. This September, she will start kindergarten. Her mom and dad expect her to go on to post-secondary school and find a fulfilling career.

As the youngest of four children, Méryn is surrounded by so much love.  With her beautiful spirit and determination, she is an inspiration to everyone.  This Tiny Light has changed her family’s lives for the better. “We have learned what it means to truly love unconditionally. I know everyone says they do, but this experience makes you look at your love in an entirely different light. Méryn lives as we all should, enjoying each and every day!”

Written by Elaine Yong