Liam's Story

Images Captured by Kalago Photography

Tiny Light Liam is one determined little guy. He loves being outside, running and climbing, but cuddling with mom tops the list.

At five weeks old, Liam was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis, a rare multi-system genetic disease that causes non-malignant tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs. Liam was born with four tubers on his brain and one on his heart. This caused multiple seizures – between 20 and 80 every day – until he underwent brain surgery at two years of age. Since then, Liam has been seizure-free. Just recently, the family was told the tuber on his heart is gone now too!

Now four years old, Liam has other physical and mental delays as a result of his disease. He has also been diagnosed with autism. The journey has been tough for mom Camilla. “You feel scared, helpless, sad…it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.” But she finds plenty of inspiration in her beautiful Tiny Light.

Written by Elaine Yong