Braydon's Story

Images Captured by Sprout Photography

Tiny Light Braydon loves anything and everything hockey! He especially enjoys shooting pucks every morning with his big brother Dylan. Braydon’s absolute favourite team is the Calgary Flames and he was lucky enough to meet his heroes in person through the Make a Wish Foundation. He also scored a Calgary Flames themed bedroom and was visited at home by Flames centre Ollie Jokinen.
Braydon was diagnosed at a young age with a fatal form of Mitochondrial Disease – a disease caused by dysfunctional mitochondria; organelles that generate energy for the body’s cells and are responsible for 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life and support growth. Braydon’s parents believe their Tiny Light has spent approximately two thirds of his life in a hospital and are extremely thankful for his new room as it will be “...a quiet place for him to relax and enjoy life.”
Braydon’s strength and zest for life inspires his family. His infectious smile and personality help them remain focused on the positive aspects of their difficult journey. They have learned “how to love unconditionally and how to live in the now and not worry about tomorrow.” They hope their Tiny Light will continue to embrace life and live it to the fullest. As a message to other families dealing with similar situations, Braydon’s parents say to “embrace your little one and make the most of every single minute you have with them.”
Story by Stephanie Bond