Peter's Story

Images Captured by Victoria West

Meet Tiny Light Peter. He loves playing with his brother and sister, building forts, drawing, reading and playing hockey. He also loves spending time cuddling with his cat, Arthur.

Growing up, Peter seemed to develop at an early age and was walking when he was just six months old. However, after his first birthday, his behaviour changed and oftentimes he could be easily panicked and would throw tantrums. His behaviour became an increasing issue as he grew older and his parents sought opinions from several different sources who all claimed he was just “young” for his age. When Peter entered kindergarten, his troubles continued and he was subsequently diagnosed with autism.

Peter’s diagnosis helped his parents to better understand his behaviour and anxiety. They realize that every individual is affected differently by autism and take pride in being able to celebrate the areas in which Peter excels, such as math and athletics. Peter’s parents say that the most amazing part of this journey has been “...meeting other parents whose children have similar diagnoses. There is an understanding and a bond between us. We know the struggles and the difficulties and the joy that our children bring us.”

Peter continues to inspire his family with his journey and has taught them that his diagnosis will not define his life. Peter’s family hopes their tiny light will grow to be “happy...find love and understanding...a sense of belonging...[and]...that he will accomplish his dreams.”

Story by Stephanie Bond