Jaymee & Autumn's Story

Images Captured by Craig D. Phootography

Tiny Lights Jaymee and Autumn are twins who share one important personality trait —they are fearless.  While Jaymee is easygoing and happy with herself, Autumn is independent and strong.
When the girls were born, parents Heather and Ed were told something was wrong with the size of their heads. Further testing confirmed a diagnosis of lissencephaly with secondary microcephaly. Lissencephaly literally means “smooth brain”—a  rare brain formation disorder which results in a lack of development of brain folds and grooves. Microcephaly is an abnormally small head. The long-term prognosis was not encouraging, but Jaymee and Autumn have grown and developed at their own pace.
These Tiny Lights love bowling, swimming and riding their bikes. Spending time playing with their brother and sister also top the list for Jaymee and Autumn. The road has been difficult but the family feels blessed. “We try to go day by day, even year by year. I hope they learn as much as they are able to and just are happy and healthy.”

Story Written By Elaine Yong