Nolan's Story

Images captured by Lynne Williams Photography

It’s not about limitations, it’s all about possibilities for Tiny Light Nolan and his parents. Nolan just turned 4 years old and he is thriving, proving all the doctors wrong with his determination and resilience.

Nolan was born premature at a wee 3 pounds 13 ounces. He spent more than six months in the NICU battling a number of complications including stop-breathing episodes, which required resuscitation. He has since been diagnosed with several conditions including Cerebral Palsy, low muscle tone, epilepsy and global developmental delay. This has meant four surgeries and countless medical appointments.

While it has been heartbreaking for Anna and John to see their son in pain, they focus on the small victories every day. “Nolan is our miracle baby. We do not define him by his diagnosis and truly believe he is meant to be as he is.” Although he can’t talk, this resourceful little boy has been able to find ways to communicate. He rolls his eyes away when he wants you to stop, a shoulder shrug means he’s full, and a cluck of the tongue is for a sip of water.

This Tiny Light is all smiles when enjoying a dance with mom or dad. He also loves the swings and playing in the water. No one knows what the future holds for Nolan, but this family is firmly focused in living in the present. “Take each day, one at a time, and be thankful for the little moments and little successes because when you look back, they may be the big ones.”