Jake's Story

Images Captured by Naturally Beautiful Photography

Tiny Light Jake is always on the go, jumping on his trampoline and playing outside. This energetic boy is always smiling and enjoys playing with his cousins and friends. His favourite things include cars, trucks, trains, and animals.

In his first month, Jake had a large appetite, but was losing weight. His parents were concerned and took him to his family doctor, who quickly sent Jake to the hospital for testing. It was exactly one month after he was born that Jake was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. His parents were shocked; they knew little about his condition and what it would mean for their son.

In the first year of his life, Jake was hospitalized three times. Now, he requires daily breathing treatments and many medications and supplements. Despite all this, he never complains. His parents are amazed at how well Jake has adapted to his treatment and how nothing seems to bother him. “Jake is so full of life. Everything about him inspires us. He’s a strong boy – a fighter! He has a great future ahead of him and he'll be able to accomplish anything he wants to in his life.”

Story by Emily Harrison