Kayla's Story

Images Capture by Matt Brennan Photography

Don’t underestimate this Tiny Light. Kayla can read, spell and do math the same as any of her Grade 4 classmates.  Her parents describe her as a bright, intelligent child trapped in a body that doesn’t function normally.

By the time Kayla turned 1, mom Christinea and dad Christopher knew something was wrong. But it took a year and a half of countless medical visits and tests before their daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. It’s a disorder of the nervous system, affecting almost exclusively girls, that leads to developmental reversals, especially in the areas of language and hand use.

It was the most heart breaking news for the family. “We decided that night that she was Kayla and we would not love her any differently.” The path has not been easy, especially because this beautiful girl’s future is unknown. While many children with Rett Syndrome have a normal life span, it is degenerative and they can lose the ability to walk, touch, hold something or swallow.

Now 9 years old, Kayla is one determined girl. She always manages to find a way to get what she needs and wants. She loves to swim, dance and socialize. She enjoys watching movies and playing baseball too. This Tiny Light is an inspiration to her mom, dad and big brother Riley, “We want Kayla to be happy, to love and feel acceptance. She is our silent angel.”

Written by Elaine Yong