Tommy's Story

Images Captured by Birds on a Wire Photography

Meet Tiny Light Tommy.  This happy, little two-year-old enjoys singing, eating, playing, crawling and getting into trouble.

Tommy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, and his parents were shocked.  It took his father some time to accept the diagnosis.  The hardest part of their journey so far is living in a small town with no other children with Down Syndrome close to Tommy’s age.  His parents worry that he might be made fun of because of his disability.

Tommy keeps busy with physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.  He is healthy and his parents are confident that he will reach all milestones of a typical developing child, just on his own timeline.  They hope he lives a “close to normal” and happy life and gains independence in time.
“Having a child with Down Syndrome is not a negative thing, it is just a different type of normal.”

Story by Emily Harrison