Jonathon's Story

Images captured by Baotran Pham Photography

Born in May of this year, Tiny Light Jonathon has already amazed his family with his strength. Jonathon “talks” up a storm and smiles at everyone he sees. This sweet little boy also loves to cuddle and listen to his father read him stories.

Jonathon was born prematurely at 31 weeks and spent the first part of his life in the hospital with a CPAP machine to help him breathe and a NG tube for feeding. The hardest part for his parents was leaving him in the hospital when they went home. Even though they knew there wasn’t much they could do for him, they felt as if they were abandoning him each time they left.

Jonathon failed his car seat test in June and the day he was supposed to retake the test, a nurse found an inguinal hernia. He passed the car seat test but was kept in the hospital until he could receive surgery. It turned out he had two hernias, which were quickly repaired, and Jonathon finally arrived home on July 5th.

This little guy has grown very quickly! At his seven month check up, the pediatrician said that Jonathon could be measured based on his birth date, rather than on his due date. This was a surprise, as most premature babies are measured based on their adjusted age until their second birthday. Jonathon is now at the 50th percentile for height and weight when compared to other babies born full term on the same day he was. He is eating baby food and is almost able to sit up on his own. At this point, he does not seem to be delayed in any areas. His parents feel very blessed to have brought this little miracle into the world.

Story by Emily Harrison