Benjamin's Story

Images captured By HRM Photography

Meet Tiny Light Benjamin!  A mighty trooper!  Ben brings love and joy to those he meets.  Ben gives amazing cuddles, and his mom looks forward to their “treasured cuddle time.” Ben is a curious boy who loves to play with trains, computers, puzzles and videogames.  Dubbed “Puzzle piece kid,” Ben can master puzzles right-side-up or up-side-down!  WOW!  Mom says, “Ben is Ben, and he is the best!”

Doctors have been left baffled at times, researching and testing Benjamin, looking for a fitting diagnosis that best describes his needs, as well as the treatment and support that will support his needs.  Multi-challenged, ADHD, global delay and autism spectrum are just a few of the diagnoses that have been discussed at this point.  However, there is no cookie cutter diagnosis that fits right now.

At just two years old, Ben has endured and struggled with epileptic seizures.  They are investigating his seizures with hopes that they will be able to suppress them in the future, but there is much fear and uncertainty of the damage that these seizures have already caused.  To have some control of the seizures and to ultimately be seizure free would be a gift. 

Heartbreaking struggles and the feeling of helplessness overwhelm Mom on a daily basis.  However, there are always reasons to celebrate his success and growth.  Despite the challenges Ben faces, he conquers each day and brings sunshine to those who know and love him.  Mom knows that Ben is in her life for so many reasons.  Ben’s journey has made his mom a stronger person, and has given her the firm belief to learn, read, educate yourselves, seek support and advocate for your child. 

Story by:  Leah Nahirnick