Tiny Light Hudson

Images Captured by Rhonda Steed Photography

Meet Tiny Light Hudson!  This three-year-old boy loves to dance, do puzzles, play with cars, and pretend that he is Superman!  Hudson's name means, 'A strong and courageous promise' – fitting for this young boy.

Days before his third birthday, Hudson was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.  The diagnosis and every day since has been terrifying.  His parents are still learning, on a daily basis, how to care for him.  While his symptoms were typical of diabetes, it had never crossed their minds.  Hudson is now dependant on daily sugar tests and insulin.

Hudson's Mom still struggles with giving him needles daily.  Hudson is a brave young man, and his parents know that his life depends on these needles.  Hudson has an amazingly positive attitude and is brave for his shots. "I never knew how strong my little boy was until this all happened."

Hudson and his family are blessed with an amazing support group of family and friends, as well as a new community of parents of children with Type One Diabetes. His parents know that he will be able to do anything he puts his mind to, "Climb a mountain ... be an athlete ... anything."

Hudson's parents have created a blog that is to serve as a diary for Hudson.  They hope that his journey will show other people with newly diagnosed children that they are not alone.  To follow Hudson's story visit www.snowflakesinjanuary.blogspot.com

Story by Angela Stephen-Dehwurst