Ronan's Story

Images by Teagan Photography

Tiny Light Ronan is a pure soul who loves unconditionally.  He is only 7 years old, but already, he has taught his family just how precious life can be. 

Ronan’s mom Natacha says she always knew her son was special and it was almost a relief when doctors diagnosed him with autism at the age of 2.  The family was living in Saskatchewan– the province with the least support for autistic children at that time – and to give Ronan the best chance possible, they made the difficult decision to move. 

It wasn’t easy for Curtis and Natacha to come to terms with Ronan’s diagnosis, but they love him unconditionally.  Dealing with other peoples’ reactions has been challenging.  Ronan roars in church when babies cry.  He screams when he is hungry or tired.  He can only hold conversations with his parents.  But there is so much more to this Tiny Light.  He enjoys riding his bicycle and downhill skiing.  This little monkey can climb anything and has no fear of heights. “Every developmental stage and life milestone is such a labourious process, so when he succeeds and overcomes, it is such an incredible and euphoric experience it is impossible to stay sad.” 

Ronan’s parents dream he will finish high school and dance with a girl during his prom night, all dressed up and looking dashing.  Not too hard to imagine for this Tiny Light! 

Written by Elaine Yong