Erin's Story

Images Captured by Crystal B Photography

This is 8-year-old Tiny Light, Erin. Erin loves to sing and draw... and shop! She is technologically savvy, and great on the computer!

In the summer of 2010, Erin had a swollen eyelid that would not get better. She was referred to an opthamologist where she had an MRI and was booked for surgery two days later. A tumor was removed from Erin’s right orbital and was found to be rhabodmyosarcoma. This was suspected the day before the surgery. Both Erin and her parents were devastated. “We felt like the bottom fell out of our world.” Seeing Erin sick and not knowing what the outcome would be was difficult for her parents.

Erin underwent over 45 weeks of chemotherapy. Throughout this long treatment, Erin was positive and still went to school when she was able to do so. “She is so strong and amazing.” Chemo is now over and now everyone’s fingers are crossed for clear scans and no more tumors.

Erin's parents’ hope for their daughter is that she will never have to fight cancer again. They wish for her to grow to be a happy, healthy adult and that she won't have any long-term effects from the chemotherapy. While the fear of the cancer returning will always be there, they don’t think about the negative. They focus on the positive!

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst