Skylar's Story

Images Captured By Stephanie Fieldberg Photography

This is Tiny Light Skylar.  Skylar loves to watch The Gummy Bears. He could jump all day long. He loves watching the cows outside and rolling around giggling, making sounds like the goats.
Skylar was born one month early with a unilateral right cleft lip and palate, which was detected during an early ultrasound. His parents were initially devastated, but they reminded themselves that it was a fixable diagnosis.

Throughout his lip and nose surgery, Skylar remained strong. As heartbreaking as it was for his parents to hand their baby over to a team of doctors for surgery, the rewards have been amazing! His NAM fitting was hard. Skylar’s smiles turned to tears, as the NAM had to be worked on, being changed and washed several times a day.

The journey has been up and down but Skylar remains happy. His parents are proud of their strong boy as they look back at his progress. “He is an inspiration to us, because despite all he has been through, he seems to always have laughter and joy.”

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst