Meet Mark and his family

Images Captured By Red Button Photography

This handsome young man is Mark.  Mark loves to watch movies and play his Nintendo Wii.  He is a very friendly boy who loves to socialize with people.  He has two brothers who love him dearly, as he loves them.

Mark was about four months old when his mother noticed his eyes starting to flicked just like his brother James' had.  Both Mark and his brother have a condition called Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxia.  It is a nervous disorder that makes them unable to coordinate voluntary muscle movements, among other things.  Mark's parents were very shocked and angry when they found out about their children’s diagnoses; no parent is ever prepared to hear that their child is ill.  It was a very tough year for them, to say the least.

Mark and his brother both noticed something was different when they were not able to walk like other kids.  It was very tough on everyone involved when they learned that both boys would never be able to walk.  Even though they are developing years behind their peers, they are proud of the accomplishments that they have made, and their parents are proud of all three of their boys.  Mark was very proud of himself when he just recently learned to tie his own shoes.  They have learned that if there is something that they cannot master on the first try, they will try, try, and try again.  Mark and James will eventually be living in a group home, as their parents will no longer be able to physically care for them as they grow into adults.

Their mother's advice is this: to take care of yourself and your marriage because you are no good anyone if you are physically and emotionally drained.  Pray, pray and then pray some more.  She wants her boys to live a happy life and to be loved for who they are.

Story written by Billie Depatie