Meet Brogan, Mairin, and Keira

Images Captured By Trevor Allen Photography

Meet Brogan. 

This sweet four-year-old was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy last year. His first seizure was just over a year ago, when he was only three, and it was sudden and completely unexpected. After a month, Brogan suffered another seizure. Within a few weeks he was having multiple seizures a day. 

Within a few months of the first seizure, the diagnosis of childhood epilepsy was made. His parents felt a sense of relief at knowing. Still, this was a terrifying time. The seizures scared Brogan, often causing tears. He has been strong and now has a better understanding of what is happening. He is cautious on bad days, which his parents stress is so important for his safety. And to other parents in her shoes, his mother says: “Epilepsy is terrifying, it’s hard, and it’s frustrating. Getting control over the seizures is difficult but you will you get there.” 

Despite these interruptions, Brogan is a boy who loves trains, cars, and trucks — his favorite movie being Cars! He is excellent at doing puzzles. He is a big help with his little sisters, who he loves so much. 

His parents hope that he will outgrow epilepsy, though it is unlikely. While there was a time his seizures were out of control, medications have helped this. He is now in control and as he gets older he understands what to do while having a seizure to avoid falling or hurting himself. “We try not to think too much about the ‘what ifs’ and take each day one step at a time.”

Meet Tiny Lights Mairin and Keira. 

These sweet twin girls recently celebrated their first birthday! While they share their journey, they each have their own distinct personality. Mairin loves dancing and making faces that make people laugh. Keira is always on the move, and she adds words to her amazing vocabulary daily!

At 20 weeks gestation, it was discovered that there were two babies and that they had TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion). Without medical intervention, there was almost no chance of survival for the twins, so their mother underwent surgery that saved their lives. The girls were born at 31 weeks.

The TTTS has come with many other problems for the girls. Both girls have some brain abnormalities, and it still is not certain what this will mean for their futures.  Mairin also had a cloudy, almost white left eye, which has required two surgeries.  She has no vision in this eye, and her parents are hopeful she will not lose the eye.  Because Keira was the donor TTTS twin, she was much smaller and at higher risk for brain damage in utero. She is doing great now, with only slightly delayed motor skills. Mairin, however, is significantly behind in her motor skills.

The twins’ parents worry for their girls, as there are concerns around their brain abnormalities. Still, “there are worse things than limitations.” They find that the girls compensate for their limitations in other aspects. They are happy girls with a loving family. While there have been such big worries for these sweet girls, they have proved to everyone just how strong they are.

Stories by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst