Anson's Story

Images captured by Bobbi Carpino Photography

We would like to introduce you to Anson.  He is nothing short of a miracle.

At just eight weeks gestation it was believed that his mom was having a miscarriage but this determined little guy held on. Anson and his mom were admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks gestation with the news that the next 48 hours were crucial. Again, Anson held on. Just before 27 weeks gestation, Anson was born. He only weighed 971 grams and dropped down to 835 grams in the first month.

No one ever imagines that their pregnancy is going to end in preterm delivery, Anson’s mommy never got to experience the third trimester and his daddy never got to feel him move. But they were both very grateful that he was born alive and that he was so determined to live. Anson was so small but also so determined to do what he wanted. And he wanted to live.

Anson was nicknamed Mr. Wiggles while the family was in Vancouver as he would constantly wiggle his way almost out of the nest in his incubator. As of right now he is doing well at his corrected age of four months. Only time will tell if he has any lasting health issues to deal with but at the moment it just seemed like little Anson just needed more time.

His mommy’s advice to everyone in a similar situation: “Take each day as it comes and allow yourself to do things for you. Don’t consume yourself with the hospital as your baby needs you to take care of yourself.”