Tiny Light Connor

Images captured by Light and Vision Photography

Meet Connor. This Tiny Light loves to learn. He loves new activities and things like puzzles. He is a huge fan of Special Agent Ozo and Little Einsteins!

From the time when he was around two years old, something didn’t seem quite ‘right’ with Connor. He was diagnosed with Autism in November 2010. His family was devastated. “We were saddened and felt helpless and we were scared about his future.” They were completely frustrated with the lack of government support for children with Autism, as early intervention is so important. Connor will not be receiving important IBI Therapy before starting school in September.

Connor’s family is getting by with the support of their family as well as the support of other families touched by Autism. They are constantly inspired by Connor’s eagerness to learn. Connor constantly wants to show everyone how independent he is. His love is unconditional and he shows this every day to his parents and his sister.

Connor’s parents stress the importance of support of other families. They say that while it is a lonely feeling when the diagnosis is made, there are many other families to turn to. They are confident that Connor will have a bright future. “The sky is the limit! Our hopes and dreams for Connor are to be understood, loved, and supported by anyone that comes into his life.” 

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst