Meet Tiny Light Garrett

Images captured by Angie Chauvin Photography

This is Garrett. He is four years old and has a most amazing memory. He can find over 50 countries on a globe. If you need to know where Mauritania is, this Tiny Light can show you!

Garrett was diagnosed with Autism on his second birthday. Initially, his parents were devastated.  They went on to feeling relieved, as they were now at the point of knowing what they were up against and could move forward to help their son. The next few months were difficult. Garrett’s Mom ‘lived, breathed and dreamed’ his ABA treatment. There were feelings of guilt, as her attention was not being equally divided between all three of her children. She took a leave from work and traveled to the United States every day to work with Garrett.

Garrett progressed quickly. He was learning rapidly and inspiring those around him. “He taught me to celebrate each day and each small accomplishment. He is my hero.”
Garrett’s parents worry for him, as kids can be harsh. He has already had to deal with being teased. His sisters are very protective and love their brother dearly. His school has worked hard to ensure that coming to school is a positive experience for Garrett.

His parents stress the importance of early intervention as well as support from others. They consider themselves blessed, as all three of their children are healthy and unique. “If someone told me that they could ‘cure’ Garrett, but it would change his personality, I would tell them ‘No, thank you.’  I love my son just the way he is, Autism and all!”

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst