Stella's Story

Photos Courtesy of  ~ Photography by Eiko

This is baby Stella. She was born in September on her Daddy’s birthday.  She has two loving big sisters and she loves to watch them play.  

Stella’s medical conditions were suspected after her mother’s triple marker screening blood test at 16 weeks of pregnancy.  At 20 weeks a phone call was made to her parents informing them that based on the results of this test, chances of their baby having Down Syndrome were now 1 in 200 instead of 1 in 600. Despite the fact that nothing was yet certain, Stella’s parents still felt devastated. They were feeling that they may not get the ‘perfect baby’ that they had envisioned. 

It was obvious to Stella’s parents at birth that she had Down Syndrome.  However, they felt that all of the worry and sadness had been dealt with during the pregnancy. Stella was now here, and was just as she was supposed to be.  “She was our beautiful baby girl and that’s all that mattered.”

In addition to Down Syndrome, Stella also has heart defects (ASD and VSD). While she is gaining weight and thriving, her parents fear the possibility of heart surgery in the future.  

Whatever the future holds, this family can deal with it. They say that their journey with Stella has already strengthened their family’s bond. It has taught them patience and love. “Like all three of my girls, I don’t know exactly what the future holds for Stella. I do know that her  future is bright because she has nothing but love and support from each and every person in her family.  She has made our family complete.”