Samuel's Story

Meet Tiny Light Samuel.  He just turned three years old.  Samuel loves puzzles.  He looks at the world differently, searching for details.  Samuel has Autism. From 18 months there were things that were different about this sweet boy.  He did not make eye contact, wasn't speaking at all and was tip toe walking. Despite suspicion, a diagnoses like this comes as a shock for a parent.  Confused and with many questions, his parents went forward.

Samuel's parents decided that sadness would not help to improve his condition.  He needed their time and help now more than ever.  His Mother found activities that he enjoyed.  She plays with him, sings to him and most importantly, she loves him.

Samuel is an intelligent young man.  He is amazing with puzzles, loves canoe rides and loves listening to stories.  While his parents have fears for his future, his Mother says that she feels  he will go as far as he wants to, knowing she will be there for him every step of the way.  She stresses the importance of setting short term goals, right now working on his speech.  "I think of my son as a pearl inside a shell. He just needs a little help from us to open the shell to see that beautiful pearl inside".

Photo courtesy of Plus One Photography