Meet ladies man Parker!

This sweet Tiny Light is 7. Parker loves picture books, car rides, and music. He is well behaved when shopping with his mom, and takes joy in simple things. Parker has non-verbal autism, severe sensorineiral hearing loss and seizure disorder.

When Parker wasn’t making any sounds, walking, or even crawling at 18 months of age, his parents began to wonder. His official diagnosis came at 2 years and 2 months old. The diagnosis brought relief. His parents were thankful they could get started on early intervention therapy. It was time to get to work.

For any parents, a frustrated child is heartbreaking. Parker has struggled with finding ways to communicate his wants and needs. With struggles come triumphs. Parker’s parents have watched him grow and learn. They’ve seen people fall in love with his spirit and infections character. They have also watched their older children become more compassionate and understanding of children like Parker.
Parker’s family hopes that he will one day be verbal and will continue working with him. They hope that he will one day have some form of an independent life. “In what shape of form that will happen we don’t know, as he is changing and evolving with each passing month."