Meet Camilla

We would like you to meet Camilla. She has many loves, playing with her cousin, going shopping  and Barney just to name a few. She is a sweet and shy little girl who loves spending time with mom and  grandma.
When Camilla was born her mother knew she wasn't developing normally. Camilla struggles with Global Developmental Delay, hypotonia, hypothyroid and reflux, although she has gone through many tests but still has not been diagnosed with an exact condition. Her mother was very confused, sad and disappointed with not knowing exactly what her little angel's condition was. She just tries to make Camilla's day's the happiest they can be. 
Her mother had to learn how to have patience,  with all the doctors procedures and time in ICU patience was the key to dealing with all of this. 
"She is my inspiration to keep fighting every day as a wonderful mom. I have no fears because God is my guardian and savior who is with me and my baby all times.  Camilla was destined to be my sunshine every morning, waking me up every day to thank God for this priceless gift. She taught me how to love without limits".