Madison's Story

Meet Madison. This precious two-year-old girl has cystic fibrosis, a fatal disease that comes with a projected life span of only 47 years. She was only three weeks old at the time of her diagnosis. Despite the signs that something wasn’t right, her parents were shocked and devastated. Knowing there was nothing they could change, they jumped in feet first and took everything in stride. They now deal with doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy, and giving Madison her many medications.

A typical little girl, Madison loves jewelry! She also loves pushing a doll in a stroller and coloring, and she is a water baby. Even when she isn't well, Madison is a positive girl. She is always smiling and laughing. “She is a fighter,” her mom says. “She is a strong-willed little girl and is very persistent when she wants something.” She is a wonderful big sister to the family’s newest addition, McKenzie.

Every parent’s worst fear is losing a child. For parents with a child with that has a fatal disease, it is an everyday fear. Madison’s parents fear that cystic fibrosis will control Madison’s life. Still, her parents have high hopes for their beautiful girl. “She was independent from birth. I have a gut feeling that she is destined to be someone special. She was given to us for a reason.”  Her parents have hopes of Madison graduating from college and getting married. They have hope for a cure.

Photo courtesy of Painted Light Photography