The amazing singer/writer Corey Woodward has written a song for the Tiny Light Foundation! I don’t want to say too much about it, as my description would have nothing on closing your eyes and listening to the words. We are extremely grateful for the thoughtfulness and the time that Cory put into this.  He is incredibly talented and what he has given to our Tiny Light’s is an anthem that speaks the love that we all have for these precious children.

After listening, please consider purchasing the song to financially support this journey and what our foundation can do and keep doing for our Tiny Lights!

As a thank you to Cory please check out his website and all of his other amazing music!  The man can sing!

Please share this with everyone! 

The Tiny Light Team ox

The BCIT Picture Project & Some Very Special Families!

Today was a wonderful day. It was a day of opportunities. For the BCIT Broadcast Journalism students it was an opportunity to utilize their skills. For The Tiny Light Foundation it was an opportunity to come together, for some of us to meet for the first time, to get some photos, to play, and most importantly it was an opportunity to smile.

After seeing us on Global BC a few months ago, Negar Mojtahedi presented the idea to the class. Judging from the success of this event, it is safe to say that her idea was very warmly received! Today six of our Tiny Light families spent the day alongside BCIT Broadcast Journalism students.

The event was held at Science World. Each family got free entry as well as lunch at White Spot. Each family had a photo shoot done by BCIT’s Matthew J. VanDeventer. At the end of the photo sessions the BCIT students presented the Tiny Light kids with gifts from It’s All Fun and Games on Commercial Drive. The amazing Tiny Light Mothers received gifts from Lush and the Karmavore Vegan Shop.

There were smiles all around! The kids had a blast, as did we (see photos!). Billie came out from Edmonton so we were all able to be there. There were interviews with BCIT students done for television and radio, which we will share as soon as we have!

We have been watching for some time as these very focused BCIT students have been pushing this event through social media and public relations. Their hard work paid off, it was a huge success.

The most touching thing that I heard all day was from Connor’s Mom, Alix. She told me that since treatment, this was their family’s first outing.

We hope that the BCIT Students and the Tiny Light families all had as much fun and as many laughs as we did! We have lots of behind the scene photos to share, but first here are some articles about today’s event.

News 1130:

The Burnaby Now:

Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times:

BCIT Broadcast News:

We were just SO happy to have Billie make the trip to BC. Obviously!

Gifts for Tiny Light kids and Moms!

Photo sessions begin!

Tiny Light Siblings enjoyed their day as well!

  Connor exploring Science World!

Carter's Interview

 Interview with Connor and his family.

Radio interview for BCIT

Melissa interviews for CTV

The kids all got tired, but the fun still continued!

Carter's family gets their turn doing photos. Who can blame Carter for wanting to go play!?

Gift time. Now the kids are REALLY smiling! 

 Thank you for a fantastic day, BCIT!  From the Tiny Light Team.

The Tiny Light's BLOG!

It is with great excitement that we bring to you new The Tiny Light’s Blog! 

We are always looking so forward to sharing the stories and photos of our amazing Tiny Lights, yet we have many behind the scenes things to talk about as well. We are hoping that by starting a blog we will be able to keep everyone informed on things such as updates on past Tiny Lights, News, Media, etc. We will also be posting about upcoming and past events and fundraising!

Our Tiny Light families are spread from one side of Canada to the other. Not everyone can partake in every event or fundraiser. Please visit us here regularly so you can still be a part of this amazing journey regardless of how close or far you may be.  Because once you’re heart has been warmed by a Tiny Light, you are part of our growing family.

The Tiny Light Team