Photographer FAQ


What are the requirements to Become a Tiny Light Photographer?

You must be an established photographer with a client base as well as an online portfolio. 

We will not be accepting photographers who are in the beginning stages of their photography career.  We strive on offering our families the BEST possible quality, a photographer with an strong understanding of running a successful photography business with extensive knowledge of pre and post production.   

I am a photographer.  How do I apply to be a part of your team?

You are welcome to fill out our application form located on our "Photographer Info" tab, but we are hand selecting photographers as the “Tiny Lights” come in.  We are trying very hard to not be over run with too many photographers.  We will keep your info on file until a child comes into your area, and if you have been selected we will contact you.  

Once I am a selected photographer, can I post a button or link to The Tiny Light Foundation™ on my blog or website?

Yes!  Please do!  The more who share us, the better!

As a Tiny Light Photographer, what do I have to offer the families?

We ask each photographer to donate their time and talent, as well as offer each family a disk of high resolution images of ALL edited images (approx.. 15 - 20 images).  

Anything beyond that is up to you.

What if I want to give the family prints prom their session?

We welcome any extra gifts that you as a photographer can offer the family.  Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse you in any way, as well as advertise the extra gifts because not all of our photographers are able to offer extras.  We do provide each family with prints that have been generously donated by a printing company.  Each family receives four sheets  consisting of a mix of print sizes, ranging from 8x10s to wallets.  

What if I am not selected as a Photographer? Can I still help?

We are deeply sorry if you were not selected as a Tiny Light Photographer.  We have many photographers applying from all over Canada and The USA.  Unfortunately, we can not accept everyone.  If you would still like to help, please email us at  We always have positions open for volunteer opportunities.  Even just sharing us helps!

If you have any more questions, please email us