Tyler's Story

Images Captured By Caroline Ross Photography

Two and a half year old Tyler is a joyful little boy with a constant smile. His family calls him the "cuddle monster" because he's such a friendly little guy. This Tiny Light loves storytime. He also enjoys the outdoors, music and has a fondness for cheese.

When Tyler was born in 2009, he suffered from a lack of oxygen and was kept in the ICU for 14 long days. His parents thought the worst was over. But one day, after Tyler's dad left for a month long trip, his mom received devastating news. Their precious one year old son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder.

Understandably, it took some time for Tyler's family to come to terms with his diagnosis and challenges. He can't roll over, sit or stand unsupported, or feed himself. Also, Tyler is on three different types of anti-epileptic medications. Despite all that, Tyler makes strides every day, and always with a smile.

Tyler's mother admits she often worries about her son's future but she says her Tiny Light has shown her how precious life really is. "He is the love of our life and that smile takes the rough edges out of our daily struggles. Tyler is the angel in my life, our lives, and every life he touches."

Written by Catherine Urquhart