Kensey's Story

Images Captured by Kate Mahaits Photography

Tiny Light Kensey has gone through a lot in her first year of life.  She was born three months premature, which meant numerous blood transfusions, antibiotics and a ventilator for two months.  This determined fighter also underwent heart surgery and required a chest tube.

It was difficult for the family to be away from home for so long while their baby girl was in hospital, but the day Kensey came home was very special. Now, this happy little girl gets lots of cuddle time with mom and dad.  She loves being outside and going for car and boat rides.  It’s easy to get giggles out of Kensey with her ticklish legs.

Parents Colette and Scott have advice for other families going through difficult medical journeys, “Stay positive and make friends with other parents who have gone through similar circumstances.”

This Tiny Light has a bright future ahead and should require only minimal assistance with occupational therapy and physiotherapy.  “We love Kensey very much and look forward to many happy years and memories together.”

Story written by Elaine Yong

Tiny Light Alex

Images Captured By Lifestreet Photography

Tiny Light Alex is happiest when he is surrounded by people, whether at school or at home. Though he can’t talk, he can certainly communicate with smiles, laughter and lots of hugs.

Alex was diagnosed at one month of age with a rare genetic disorder called “mosaic ring chromosome 22q13 deletion”. This means he is missing part of his genetic material, causing both mental and physical development delays. Parents Sharon and Gerhard were stunned, and the news has been especially difficult for Alex’s older sister and brother Stephanie and Marcus to understand.

The tough journey has also brought so much joy to this family. 6-year old Alex loves wrestling with his dad and siblings. He could spend all day at the playground going down the slide and he is learning soccer moves from his brother. His new favourite toy is a special tricycle built by dad. Alex can say “mama” and “dada”, which is beautiful to hear.

Now, it’s impossible to imagine life without this Tiny Light. “Alex is exactly the way we are supposed to be. He does not care if you jump ahead of him in the lineup. You can be angry with him and the first thing he will want is a hug. Imagine this world if we could be even slightly like that. It would be like heaven wouldn’t it?”

Story By Elaine Yong

Brooke's Story

Images Captured By Scuffed Boots Photography

Meet one-year-old Brooke.  This Tiny Light loves reading stories and loves her cats.  She loves being chased and tickled!  She has a crazy amount of energy, which is infectious to anyone and everyone around her!  Brooke is so sweet and has been a strong girl throughout her journey!

Brooke was born with Congenital Heart Disease.  She had two holes in her heart (AVSD), pulmonary stenosis, parachute mitral valve stenosis and tachycardia (a racing heart).  She underwent heart surgery at only three months old to repair the two holes.  As if being new parents is not overwhelming enough, Brooke's parents were quickly learning the ins and outs of the medical system.

Brooke's parents wish for a future with no further heart surgeries, something that is uncertain at this time.  They trust the medical system and are provided huge amounts of comfort by this trust; because of this system, they still have their daughter.  While the thought of possible future surgeries are a constant worry, Brooke's parents do not let it get them down.  "We just have to look at her with her ball of energy, and she reminds us to live in the present!"

Story By Angela Stephen- Dewhurst